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Marylee's story
I Auditioned for America's Got Talent

Every life is a story....
         Every story deserves a song!

     Marylee takes your story and creates a custom song for you.

I started writing songs when I was around six years old....songs about pets, about toys....sad songs, funny songs, songs about friends.  Then as a teenager, I wrote my first song for someone that had died.  It was for a girl that committed suicide in the restroom at South High School in Denver.  The song made me cry... a lot... but it also helped me deal with her death.  It was comforting.  
Over the years I have continued to write songs somewhat silently!  None of them were written down and I did not sing them out loud.  Then in 2009, Michael Jackson died and I was devastated!  His talent was incredible.  After seeing "This Is It", a movie about his preparation for an upcoming tour that never happened....I commented many times that he was only 50 years old BUT at least he did what he wanted to do with his life.  Very quickly I decided that This Is It For Me...I need to do what I have always wanted to do....which is write songs!  And as I reviewed which songs I enjoyed writing the most, it became clear it was songs for people that had died.  I decided to tell the world that I write songs for dead people.  A bit harsh in its description....but those words stick with people.  I figured nobody would forget what I do.  
A few months later, I met Tim, through a very dear friend of mine.  Tim had lost his wife to cancer.  Long story short, I knew Tim for less than 24 hours when I told him I had written a song and was wondering if I could sing it for him.  Tim graciously agreed.  I held my iPhone in one hand between our ears so he could hear the music, and the handwritten words in the other.  I sang and he loved it.  The song is titled, "I Never Knew" and is included on the STORY PAGE.   
If you have lost someone in the past or are preparing for an upcoming funeral or event go to the STORY PAGE to submit details about their life or your relationship.  Other services offered include preparing music and/or songs to accompany video presentations and preparing a slide show presentation from the photos you provide.  Check the PRODUCTS PAGE for details.

I believe I have a gift and I want to share it with you.  

Phone: 303 748-7720
Facebook: //facebook.com/maryleehause


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